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Why Caleidoscope

Communications Made Clear!

Why Choose Caleidoscope? Your business depends on your ability to communicate and share information. Today's communication networks are highly functional resources that should make organizations more effective at performing their primary mission. Powerful technologies, deployed effectively, can improve productivity and reduce costs.

What Do You Get?
First and foremost, Caleidoscope is your advocate and your consultant in the telecommunications marketplace. Whether you seek a faster Internet connection, a more functional telephone system, or a cost-effective long-distance calling plan, Caleidoscope can help.

We offer:

  • A complete range of communication services for voice, data, Internet, cellular, video, colocation and security.
  • The hardware needed to make the connections and complete your system.

We will help you to make sense of all the jargon that is bandied about, and we will guide you to good decisions for you and your company.

Our Approach
Overall, our goal in working with our clients is to make the installation of a new product or communication service as accurate, quick and painless as possible. And, the same thing applies to changes or upgrades to existing systems or services. Obviously the key to an effective implementation is a good plan. We offer a free initial consultation; click here to see the details of how we approach our working relationships.

Selecting Your Connections
As an Authorized Agent for multiple carriers, we offer the largest range of communication products available, and Caleidoscope will quickly help you zero in on the appropriate mix of services for your business. Although telecommunications is a very rapidly changing and sometimes confusing arena, we work in it on a daily basis. So, once we understand the challenges faced by your organization, we can rapidly propose and implement the voice and data connections and/or services that fit your situation and your budget.

Choosing The Hardware
At Caleidoscope we realize that when it comes to choosing certain hardware products for use in your business, some decisions are more visible and important to you than others. For example, while you may choose the features of a new phone system very carefully, you may not care at all what kind of router is selected for your Internet connection—as long as it works well.

The message here is that you can rely on Caleidoscope to provide well-founded guidance on the decisions you care about, and you can also rely on us to take care of the technical details. Our expertise spans the entire telecommunications spectrum, and we will be there to help you over the long haul.

Caleidoscope is proud to offer IPBX-based telephone systems by ShoreTel and Adtran and ESI.   Brocade and Adtran are our preferred suppliers routers and switches for for Wide Area Networks (WANs), campus environments, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)