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BCN Telecom

BCN Telecom is a privately held corporation with headquarters in New Jersey, operations center in Florida and fully staffed offices in New York and Montana. BCN provides cutting-edge technology delivered with a human-touch.

BCN Telecom utilizes the underlying services of carriers including AT&T and Sprint.  For over 15 years, hundreds of direct marketers, call centers and other national companies have used BCN’s services and enjoyed improvement to the functionality, management, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of their business telecommunications.

BCN offers a full suite of products provided by best-in-class carriers designed with the customer’s specific needs for local, long distance, voice, data & integrated services, audio conferencing and other requirements.

BCN’s stabilized rates are extremely competitive in all areas regardless of service type or network carrier.  None of their arrangements require customer commitments to either length of term or volume of usage.